Sophie-Adrienne FOREST

Sophie-Adrienne FOREST

For 25 years, Sophie-Adrienne Forest has been working as a lawyer specializing in labor law, social security and social protection, with companies and corporate groups, as well as with individuals.

Working throughout all of France and overseas territorial departments, Sophie-Adrienne Forest provides her clients with her expertise both in terms of legal counsel and litigation.


Individual labor relations

  • Hiring and modification of employment contracts
  • Termination of employment contracts: dismissals, negotiated departures, contractual termination of employment contracts, etc.
  • Career management and mobility

Occupational health

  • Reporting, investigation and disputing work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Disability management and management of risk and quality of life at work.

Collective labor relations

  • Election of staff representatives and of the social and economic committee (CSE – Comité Social et Economique)
  • Management of staff representative institutions: information, consultation, mandate,time off for trade union duties, protection
  • Collective bargaining negotiations: company agreements, participation, profit-sharing, mandatory annual negotiations (NAO – NégociationAnnuelleObligatoire), referendums, etc.

Business organization

  • Restructuring of companies
  • Social audits
  • Planning and organization of working time
  • Redundancies, job protection plans, voluntary redundancy plans, etc.


2018 : Creation of the AVO7AvocatsLawyers group – Lawyer in charge of the social law department
2003 : DUMOULIN Law Firm – Associate lawyer, social law department
1997 : CWA Law Firm – Lawyer in the social law department
1994 : FROMONTBRIENS Law Firm – Lawyer in the social law department


  • Admitted to the Lyon Bar in 1994 (CAPA – Certificatd’Aptidude à la Profession d’Avocat)
  • Institute of Labor and Social Security (University Lyon III Jean Moulin) – Master’s degree  (Maîtrise) in Social Law
  • University Lyon III Jean Moulin – Master’s degree (Maîtrise) in Private Law with a specialization in judicialCareers and Master’s degree (DEA) in Family Law



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